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When Janice found a snarl of hair, Elsa put her hands on Janice's legs, just above the knee while the knot was worked out. Her touch evoked another round of yearnings within Janice, and she found herself being attracted to the young blonde. The brushing continued, with no indication from Elsa that she was making or receiving sexual advances.
fat ass porn Diane retreived a small bag from near the tent and returned. She was of the "bigger is not necessarily better" school, and she pulled out a long, thick dildo, handing it to Cathy. "That's huge!" Janice blurted out, not believing how big the tubular piece of molded plastic was. It was huge, by any standards. Fully two and a half feet long, molded in flexible flesh tone plastic, and about four or five inches around. The head molded into both ends was gigantic. Cathy ooooh'd and ran her hands over it lovingly.

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Janice sat down, and Elsa slid back, sliding between Janice's outstretched legs. Her long hair slid over sensitive areas of Janice's body, tickling, caressing, exciting. As Cathy and Diane talked about the relative merits of Kevin's big cock versus Keith's smaller one, Janice kept brushing out Elsa's long hair. Elsa's warm hips pressed against the soft flesh of Janice's inner thighs, and Janice was aroused by the skin to skin contact. Janice had only once been naked with another girl, and that was long ago, when she and a close friend had experimented with lesbian sex. It had been pleasurable, but she'd closed it off, mostly because she was worried someone would find out. Now she felt a sensual, sexy urging growing within her, being so close to Elsa, who seemed to be naturally free of such inhibitions.

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Janice was proud of her breasts, and especially her tan. She'd gone to great lengths to find just the right bikini to accent her breasts with a tan and it paid off. Her breasts were pleasantly large, 37C's, without being saggy. They tended to look full and slope down, the tan lines accenting the curve of them. Her nipples were large, and pink, the kind many guys groan over. Janice stood up to remove her jogging pants. "The moment of truth." Elsa said softly. "Is she or isn't she?" Janice stepped out of the last of her clothes, letting the warm summer night caress her skin. "Neat." Elsa said. "Oooh, sex-eeee!" Cathy smiled, and Diane gave an "o.k." sign with her fingers. They were all staring at Janice's thick mat of reddish-orange hair that covered her mons. Janice was a true redhead, with the luck of an Italian mother she inherited none of the freckles and fair skin problems so many other had.

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"Neat huh?" Elsa asked Janice. "What?" Janice asked. "Her pussy." Elsa said, nodding her head towards Diane. "She keeps it shaved off except that tiny triangle." Janice looked again. "I don't see..." Diane turned and stepped closer, not at all shy about letting Janice look. Her hair was very light, and in the moonlight in blended with her skin such that she looked entirely shaved. Just above her pussy, there was a very small triangle of white-blonde hair, about an inch and a half across by two inches high. "Oh, okay." "My last boyfriend thought it was so sexy." Diane said. A rustling noise caught their attention, and a figure crawled out of the tent, then stood, coming over to the small group of women. Once out from under the awning, Janice saw another girl, this one naked too, with large, swaying breasts, walking over.

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"What're you doing up?" Elsa asked Diane. "Keith snores." Diane said, evoking smiles from the other two. "But did you go all the way up there in the buff?" "Uh-huh." Elsa said. "Fun too. I like walking around naked." "Anybody around see you? Besides Janice I mean." Diane asked her. "Nope. Just me and the stars." Elsa said. "It's all quiet and dark up there, and just far enough away that no one will come trooping down here in the middle of the night." "Great." Diane said, pulling her tee-shirt over her head. "I've always wanted to do this." Janice looked at the Diane's breasts. They were very small, but her nipples showed as large, dark circles against her pale skin. Elsa's nipples were light, blending in with her skin, and in the moonlight Elsa's nipples were hints, whereas Diane's were large and dark. Diane stood and slid her jeans down, baring her body to Janice and the world. Janice tried not to stare, as it appeared that Diane didn't have any pubic hair. Her body was lean, not quite skinny. Her ribs showed with shadows in the moonlight, but her hips and legs looked trim.

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"Elsa?" a feminine voice called out. "Diane? Yeah, it's me, with a friend." The naked blonde replied. Diane came up, wearing a tee-shirt and a pair of very tight jeans. She too was blonde, and very thin. Janice's first impression was that she was sixteen or seventeen, but that disappeared when she got closer. Diane was pretty, and thin. Her breasts were small bulges under her shirt, and her legs were thin too. Mostly her hips were boyish and small, further giving illusion that she was very young. "I'm Diane." The thin blonde said, smiling at Janice. Janice introduced herself, and Elsa followed suit, explaining to Diane where they'd met. Both girls led Janice to a large blanket spread out on the sandy soil some yards from the tent.

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Janice caught up with her, and walked alongside. The girl told Janice how she and her friends had hiked up earlier in the day, and while they swam, she slept. "I'm not a morning person." She said, "and I was exhausted when we got up here." Janice thought about Mark, sound asleep in their tent. "Yeah, I know what you mean." They went downhill, and near the lake Janice saw a single large tent standing in a small clearing. Someone was sitting just outside, smoking a cigarette. "Have to be quiet, people sleeping." The girl said. The shadowy person stood and moved towards them. In the moonlight, Janice couldn't tell if it was man or woman.

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Janice shook her head, amazed at her boldness. "Besides, I've always wanted to walk around outdoors without my clothes, haven't you?" She queried, smiling. Janice nodded, thinking of how she and Steve had once camped in the mountains and run around like nudists for a whole day. But that'd been far away from people, and here, there were at least fifteen tents set up in the campground. The girl took her towel and began walking out the door. "Are you coming?" She asked. After a slight pause, "Or just breathing hard?" Janice shook out of her musings and followed the girl as she made her way towards the lake. Walking quickly to catch up with her, Janice watched her soft, firm form walking in the moonlight. Her pale skin looked ashen in the moonlight, and her soft buns jiggled as she walked. The girl turned around to see how far behind Janice was, and her breasts too were bobbling like jello. Her breasts weren't large, maybe B-cups, Janice thought, but they moved sensuously as she walked backwards over the rough ground.

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"Long hair's like that." Janice said, remembering when hers was down over her shoulder blades, before she'd begun wearing it stylishly short. She was now down at the bottom of the girl's long hair, sponging the water out of the long strands. "Are you going back to bed or staying up for a while?" the girl asked. Janice replied that she might stay up for a while, and the girl invited her to join her and her friends down by the lake. Janice thought for a moment, then agreed. Mark wouldn't wake up for a while, maybe not even until morning. "Let's get your clothes and go then, your hair's as dry as it's going to get." Janice remarked. The girl giggled. "I didn't wear any." Janice stared at her, the meaning of her words taking a second to sink in. "You mean you walked up here from the lake stark naked?" The girl nodded, slipping on a pair of leather sandals by the shower stall. "Sure. It's late and no one's up and around, except you."

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Janice turned, and the girl asked if she could help dry her long hair. Janice saw that her hair reached almost below the girl's firm, round behind, contrasting with her slightly darker pubic bush. The girl's bush and thighs were lovely, her thighs leaving a space at the top where Janice could clearly see her pubic hair covering her vagina. Janice took the towel and wrapped it around the girl's hair, pressing it hard to soak up the water. "How long have you let your hair grow like this?" Janice asked. "Eight years." She replied. "But I have to cut the ends every few months and that slows it down." Janice chuckled. "I bet the guys love your hair like this." "Yeah." Came the reply, "But its such a pain to keep clean and combed."

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"Another night person?" She asked in a sweet voice, "Or a midnite nature call?" "A little of both." Janice answered, moving towards the sink. The girl's eyes followed Janice while she washed her hands and looked at her face in the mirror. The face in the mirror looked okay, except that she needed to re-do her eyeliner a little. Not that it mattered much, as she'd only be going to sleep. "Could you do me a favor?" The sweet voice asked from behind her.

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A girl, of maybe 18 or 19 years stood on the concrete, toweling herself off. She smiled, long blonde, but very wet hair dripping onto the floor. She had the kind of body that Janice herself had just out of high school, soft, firm, and nicely shaped. Now, nine years later, she had joined the battle lines against getting fat. Janice was still in good shape, but she wanted to be a few pounds lighter, and to loose the small imperfections around her thighs and hips. The blonde looked at Janice, not bothering to make any move to cover or shy away from Janice's eyes.

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Reflecting back over their year together, Janice realized that Mark was selfish, and self-centered, but when he put his mind to it, a pretty good lover. Janice turned the corner to the ladies restroom, blinking at even the dim light. She saw bare feet under one stall so she took the other. She'd just begun when the other toilet flushed, and the feet moved to a shower stall. Water began running, and a few moments later, amidst the splashing sounds, Janice could feel the steamy heat of the warm water. Janice finished up, and flushed the toilet, pulling her jogging pants and panties up. Her tee- shirt she tucked into the elastic waistband, and then left the stall. Janice blinked.

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Outside, as she walked to the restrooms, she wondered why, whenever she planned a night of intense lovemaking, Mark seemed only interested in getting off and going to sleep. Not that she could get away with that. When she'd come back from New York, she'd been exhausted and suffering from mild jet lag. But Mark had taken her to bed, and after her first orgasm, she'd fallen asleep. He woke her from her soft, dreamy sleep, and insisted that she suck him, then he wanted her to straddle and ride him. Janice was totally exhausted afterwards and slept soundly.

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"Mark?" She said softly. Getting no repsonse, she repeated his name again a little louder, only to be met with a soft snore. Janice now felt angry that he would go to sleep without being considerate enough to please her too.
Janice sat up in the darkness of the tent, wiping his sperm from her face and then groping for her pants. Nature was calling, and there was a small building not far away that housed the showers and toilets. Janice struggled into her soft cotton jogging pants and began unzipping the tent. Mark snored a little louder, driving her into a seething anger.